how the left supports the troops

sorry, i forget where i got the link for this, somewhere out in the blogosphere, so thanks to everybody who is a right-wing wackjob blogger like me.

anyway, this is an indymedia post about "adopting" a soldier by sending him far-left anti-america propaganda, encouriging desertion and fratracide. somehow, they seem to think that sending a picture of a dead iraqi and a letter calling the soldier a murderer will be good for that soldier, when, of course, the last thing a person needs when doing that job is some asswipe writing a letter telling him he is a horrible person fighting an immoral war. this is the usual fumbling grab at getting a real military person on their side (and a *real* one, not some hack lying douchebag that dosen't have enough talent to photoshop for hustler), and will have nothing but the oppisite reaction of pissing a bunch of soldiers off. but none the less, it's bad enough when you catch the news and all cnn has on is war protesters, war protesters, anti-war politicians and the few losers that have tried to desert or go consciencous objector. now you're getting garbage in the mail from some wacko indymedia type, writing from either his parent's basement or his brand new unabomber shack, saying that everyone at home hates you and hopes you get killed. it isn't enough to make you question your job necessarily, but it is enough to distract you from it, or even just get you depressed for a few minutes, which is more harrasment than what anyone over there deserves.

the point being, words matter, and support matters. it matters in bolstering our troops and making a tough job easier, and it also matters for the morale of the enemy and whether you are going to feed their desire to kill more americans. this is true at home, in fighting against the lies of the anti-american crowd at work and school. and this is part of why things like spirit of america matter, because what those people hear over there can quite literally mean the differance in american lives. and it matters what our troops hear and see

i want to, but am too polite to, start an "adoption" program for dnc and indymedia folks, sending them right-wing propaganda to try and bring them back to reality. somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 or 12 daily emails espousing the virtues of patriotism, lower taxes, a gun in every home, and most importantly the value of killing asshole terrorists.

but i digress. i haven't mentioned it yet but i have a brother that left for iraq shortly after i got home and presently resides in baghdad, as well as a cousin still there. so what i'm saying isn't just some guy talking, aside from my own experience i still have an extreme vested interest in how the troops get treated over there and how the left wing encourages the nutcases that are trying everything they can to kill off my family. actually, everyone's family in america, if they had half a chance and despite what the mainstream news wants people to think, but more directly the people still over there in iraq.

words aren't cheap, folks, sometimes they can mean the differerance between life and death, and the differance between how one lives one's life. it can make the differance between a good day and a bad day, and before you say something you have to think whose day you are going to be making better, one of a fellow american or one of an islamofascist terrorist who wants you dead.

and i swear to god, if somebody starts sending leftwing hateful propaganda to my brother, i will personally get somebody much bigger than me to go kick their ass.

update ok linkage to citizen smash, which is where i had found the article, and who is also one of the officers (it's okay, though, i won't hold it against him) that the indymedia article was advocating murdering. nothing personal, right? scumbags.


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