“The Medal of Honor epitomizes the very best of what America stands for and honors the gallant individuals who have received it. These special people represent the very heart and soul of America" ~Pres. Bush Sr.

First CMOH to be given in the War on Terror, a small excerpt from the citation:

Sgt. 1st Class Smith ordered one of his Soldiers to back the damaged APC back into the courtyard after the wounded men had been evacuated. Knowing the APC ’s .50-Cal. machinegun was the largest weapon between the enemy and the friendly position, Sgt. 1st Class Smith immediately assumed the track commander’s position behind the weapon, and told a soldier who accompanied him to “feed me ammunition whenever you hear the gun get quiet.” Sgt. 1st Class Smith fired on the advancing enemy from the unprotected position atop the APC and expended at least three boxes of ammunition before being mortally wounded by enemy fire. The enemy attack was defeated. Sgt. 1st Class Smith’s actions saved the lives of at least 100 Soldiers, caused the failure of a deliberate enemy attack hours after 1st Brigade seized the Baghdad Airport, and resulted in an estimated 20-50 enemy soldiers killed.
math solves everything
2 Tylenol sleepy pills + 3 hrs. staring at the bedroom ceiling + 4 cups coffee because "fuck it, doesn't look like I'm sleeping tonight again" = one brain dead, cranky boy
food fight!
To see what happens when good comment threads go bad, go visit Ace. Holy crap, what a shitstorm. And of course, I have to read the whole thing; it's like a trainwreck, I just can't look away.

The sad part is that there's some great discussion and funny stuff buried in there amongst the blah-blah-ASSHOLE!-blah.

I have a lot thoughts, but I'll keep it limited:

1. Legally speaking, Michael is still Terri's wife. Realisitically speaking, he is either married to her, and is bound by everything that entails; or he isn't, and is free to do whatever he wants. After 15 years, I don't fault the guy a bit for, in essence, leaving his wife and finding someone else. But still insisting that he is married to her when he is living with and producing children with another woman is silly. It is either one or the other. Dosen't make a bit of differance as long as he retains that marriage certificate, but it's still silly.

2. Bill from INDC has a knack for pissing people off.

3. I am firmly convinced Michael Schaivo is an asshole. Maybe not so much of an asshole that he actively wants to kill his wife, but an asshole none the less.

4. Personally, I'm not convinced that Terri should die, or more exactly, wants to die. I know that the courts have more info than I and have decided that she should, but based on what I've seen, I'm not convinced.

5. I completely fail to understand why, if she should die, we can't at least give her the curtosey of a lethal injection, or a gun to the face, or something. I don't buy that death by dehydration is in any way pleasant or peaceful; rather, it seems to me to be the very definition of "Cruel and unusual".

6. Politicians of all types disgust me; it makes me wonder why I follow politics so much. They are all the worst aspects of a greasy lawyer and a grandstanding celebrity rolled into one slimy, smelly ball.

6. Finally, and most importantly, none of that matters a damn bit. Terri has had every benefit the law provides; what is happening precisely what the law lays out. I don't pretend to know much about law, but I've read alot of stuff on this angle over the past few days from people that do know and this much seems clear. Must reads on this subject: Steve H., Skippy, an excellent essay at Football Fans for Truth, and a lawyer who has been following the case for years.
yes, it is your fault
see, this is what I get on about. Somehow, we wound up with a subscription with U.S. News & World Report, which is usually glossed over then trashed. Todays has an interesting cover article on turning the FBI into spies, but as I pick it up out of the mailbox, the top corner banner advertises this story: "Guess Who's Making Americans Fat".

Hmmmm. Let me think about that one. I don't know, but I blame the French.

I already know what the article is about, but I check the subheading inside just to be sure: "EAT THIS NOW: How savvy marketing is contributing to the nation's obesity epidemic".

See, it isn't our fault we're fat, that nifty logo just made me buy ten more Krispy Kremes.

The blocked quote from the expert: "We're just surrounded. Food is available every time you turn around". Last time I checked, looking at food dosen't make you fat. So how 'bout this idea: Next time you turn around and bump into a bacon cheeseburger with a side of fries, don't shove it into your greasy pie-hole.

Under a picture of some tasty-looking pizza is the caption "EVERYWHERE: High-calorie temptations lurk around every bend from airport to school cafeteria."

I love that line. The author conures images of Snickers bars hanging out at the playground waiting to beat up your kid, roving gangs of potato chips down every alley, shyster chicken nuggets trying to break into your bank account.

The author also bemoans the fact that food is so easy to get ahold of in this country. "America is truly a horn of plenty", she laments. It seems to me this sure beats the alternative. Ever seen pictures from Ethiopia? There's a reason the expression is "Fat and Happy", not "Starving and digging for bugs in the sand to feed my children, and Happy".

Hey, believe me, I know from temptation. I indulge it daily. One way or another, giving in to temptation is almost sure to kill me (if I don't get gunned down by a bag of Lay's first). But please, spare me the nonsense about what you put into your body being anybody's fault but your own. Krispy Kreme is not out to kill you. Mikey D's dosen't give a shit if you buy the overpriced salads or the overpriced french fries, so long as you're buying something. Obviously, there's a high demand for 10000 calorie donuts and greaseburgers, or they wouldn't be there. All the slick marketing in the world dosen't get food from your plate into your maw, only you can do that. (Unless, again, a renegade gang of Doritos are holding you down and pouring milkshakes down your throat. Then all bets are off.)

Finally, there is a block of "Experts' tips" on how to fight this epidemic:

-"Don't walk into a bakery or chocolate shop without a buddy to...keep your order from getting out of hand." Hey, here's an idea, fatty: if you're so morbidly obese, perhaps you shouldn't be walking into the store that smells like donut grease in the first place. And if you do, don't bitch to me about how you couldn't have just one...

-"Know that what you buy at the grocery store will get eaten." Well, duh. When I buy the box of triple chocolate ho-ho's I know damn well they will get eaten, probably all that night with a carton of chocolate milk to wash it down. Maybe you should write, "I know you can't stop eating everything in the house, you're like a fuckin' eating machine, so maybe buy some triscits or salad or something instead of another gallon of haagen-daas, you incorragable lard-bucket." That seems to make more sense.

-"If you eat out a lot, it's no longer a special occasion." I don't know about you, but every time I sit down to eat it's a party, Complete with complaints to the cops and drunken frat girls passed out on the couch.

-"Cleaning your plate will not help starving children in the third world" No, but it will make your mother happy, and really, to you want that last two pounds of lasagne to just get thrown away?

-"Be aware of how advertising is trying to manipulate you" And also, be aware that if you're eating your fifth taco because they looked so tasty exploded up to billboard size on the windows out front so you can see every chunk of gristle and rat's hair, you may be too dumb to continue breathing.
mr. lestat, please call your office
remember "Possum Kingdom", by the Toadies? You say no, but I bet if you were listening to alternative rock by the mid to late 90's, you'd recognize it in an instant. I don't think geocities lets me host music, so I can't play the song for you, but here's the chorus:
I'm not gonna lie
I want you for mine
My blushing bride
My lover, be my lover, yeah..
The "I'm not gonna lie" gets kindof screechy later on in the song. Ring any bells?

Anyway, the girlfriend heard this song on the radio the other day, and realized something interesting. On the surface, it seems to come across as a typical "Let's go out back and play hide the salami" song; but if you listen closely, it seems like he's actually singing about vamparism. It's innuendo-y and very Ann Rice, but lines like "With dark hair/And soft skin...forever/Forever" and "I'll show you my dark secret" and of course "Do you wanna die?" over and over, it's pretty obvious what he's getting at.

Huh. I must've heard this song a billion times, thinking he's just singing about sex, and it turns out he's a vampire. It's like finding the easter egg in a video game: right there all the time, but still a neat surprise.
terri schaivo speaks
I heard this audio on Glenn Beck's radio program today; it is probably one of the most disturbing things I've ever heard. I suppose it could be used to bolster either side of the debate, because she certainly dosen't seem to be enjoying herself, but she is also clearly trying to communicate and respond to questions asked of her. I understand that before the husband ordered ordered all rehab to be stopped, they thought she may learn some simple speech.

This ain't it. This barely even sounds human. But it is human, it's a reminder that at the center of all the debate about federalism and individual rights is a real live person.
the raveonettes
A few nights ago, this band was featured on a local radio show where listeners call in and give the song a thumbs up or down. I liked it enough to call in and tell them to keep it, and I was literally the only one that did so. Out of probably three dozen respondents, nobody else liked it. Not even the DJ.

But they put on some teenage emo band singing the same whiny crap everybody else is singing and everybody goes bonkers. I hate people.

Anyway, The Raveonettes, admittedly, are a strange sort of band. The music is very 50's, only slightly darker and a bit modernized. Mix the Shangi-la's with The White Stripes, and you're getting there. I thought it was interesting, anyway.
from the "i support the troops, not the war" files:

"If You Have A Son In Iraq, he's a Killer. Are you Proud?"

Cute, real cute. I'm at a loss for words for such stupidity, except that photos like that give me hope for a Republican victory in '08.

Via Exit Zero, who has much more, including commentary, some photos of the good guys, and a guy (inexplicably) dressed as a dog.
so, what's your tutoring rate?
via Ilyka, go visit Tall, Dark, and Mysterious, an exceedingly clever writer.

As a bonus, she's a math teacher. I figure I can pass mat108 through osmosis just by reading her blog.

You know, just like sleeping with your book under your pillow. I'm guaranteed to be smarter just by contact. That always works, right? Right? Hello?
a bit late, but
go read this post at Ace's on Terri Schiavo. I'm a general beliver in right to die, but this particular case is, as one neurologist described it, "Criminal".

3:37 update: it's done.

Hope everyone's having a great St. Patty's. I'm stuck at work till late, but I'll be out somewhere afterward, have no doubt.

In the meantime, get into the spirit with some music. Additions are welcome:

Dropkick Murphys (music)

Flogging Molly

Finnegans Wake (music although it isn't working for me)

Blood or Whiskey

The Pogues

And some good old Irish drinking songs
blog noir...
is excellent. Now that the final installment is out, I'm finally sitting down to read it. Noir is one of my favorite genres, and an underrepresented one at that. The whole series is phenominal. They could sell this if they wanted to, it's considerably better than most of the stuff polluting the local grocery store bookracks. The only downside is that reading this makes me realize what a truly for-shit writer I am.

In case you don't know, this is a cross-blog project, in which each author writes a chapter then passes it on to the next. I am familiar with a few of the authors, and usually like them, but they have outdone themselves here.

Start here.
Continue here.

Congratulations and excellent work to all involved!
all your stupid jokes are belong to us
He's doing it partly (or largely) to poke fun at Ace, but the somewhat-complete anthology of "You know, that thing on the internet" memes at Dave's is a laugh both for stuff you may not have seen before, as well as a walk down memory lane.

It's like "where where you when Kennedy was killed", for dorks. Where were you the first time you saw the hamster dance? And of course, I have a special fondness for the "Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!" guy.

While you're there check out the "History of the Irish". It's funny because it's true. (And I'm half Irish, which becomes 99% on St. Patty's and only 1% during Oktoberfest).
welcome to the pup tent
Michele has buyer's remorse. Which is a shame; when Michele was still doing politics, I always liked what she had to say on the subject.

It's funny, because here's how she describes herself:
I’m a gay rights supporter who drives an SUV and is against gun control, who doesn’t believe in God, who is an un-P.C. person that hates the NEA, who thinks faith based initiatives are wrong and the government should stay out of our bedrooms, who is no longer so gung ho about things in Iraq

Now, I don't agree with her take on where the war has gone, but aside from that and perhaps some details, we're on the exact same page. And while I may not be solid Republican, I still consider myself solid right. Maybe not in the big tent, but hanging around the bonfire drinking beer out back.

One of the major complaints from center-right Bush voters is the religious takeover of the party. Whether this is true or not I don't know, and is immaterial anyway, because if the Republicans change from being seen as the party of hawkism and fiscal conservativism to the party of Jesus, they're going to lose a crap load of votes. Say hello to President Hillary.

The trick, which dosen't really seem to difficult to me, is to keep the religious right to vote R while tempting the libertarian/southpark/whatever voters. It's funny, becuase while the administration has made alot of noise about "Family rights" and "Faith initiatives", there really hasn't been much actually done about it. Has gay marriage laws, or abortion laws, or school prayer laws changed signifigantly at the federal level over the past five years? Not that I can tell.

And yet, they're being bashed as the party of Pat Robertson. It should be the opposite: do enough of the religious agenda to keep the Flanderses happy, go to church on Sunday and say God Bless when somebody sneezes, and other than that STFU about it. Talk about family-based initiatives, if you have to. Talk about sensible economic and foreign policy. Focus the public on the smart, real things that that Republicans stand for, and the God folks will come along.

Anyway. That's tangental. The point is that if the R's bet their whole political strategy on religion, they lose, and our evil genius Rove is too smart for that.

I don't really know what to say about her lessening of support for the war. I still think it was the right decision based on what we had going at the time. We're doing everything we can to end it as softly as possible. The bodycount climbs for both Americans and Iraqis, and there is nothing I would want more than for that to stop, but quitting before we're done is only going to cause more problems for us and especially for them.

So, what about all the other issues she mentions. Well, sadly, many of them don't have simple answers. Social Security. The deficit. The problems we continue to have in the ME. Gay Marriage. Education. Gun Control. Abortion. Etcetera etcetera. The ongoing problems of American politics.

When I look at those problems, I ask the same question I asked myself before the elections: Who is likely to fuck it up the least?

And I suppose that this is why I still consider myself a pretty solid right-winger. Because when I look at the Republican's solutions, they seem to range from pretty smart to pretty stupid. The Democrat's solutions, with a few (relatively minor, to me) exceptions, range from moderatly stupid to outright suicidal.

I think banning Gay Marriage is stupid. But I think banning firearms is even stupider. Prescription drug plan? Stupid. Full-on socialized medicine? Suicidal. Invading Iraq? Dangerous, and, at points, stupidly executed. Relying on the UN to solve the problem? Please, kill me now and spare me the trouble.

I used to think I was a Libertarian. Then I read what libertarianism is really all about, and ran screaming from the room. To use a phrase coined by "htom" in Michele's comments, I think from now on I'm going by "Rational Anarchist".

I don't seem to fit any of the labels, and I like it that way. But I still don't regret my vote last time around, despite the various stupidity that will assuredly ensue because of it. Abstaining to vote or voting third party is a cop out, in my book, because really there's only two choices, and of the two, I still think I made the right one. Not a perfect choice, but better than the alternative.

Screw the big tent. Those guys are friggin' boring anyway. Until they come out and try to make me sing "Kumbaya" around my bonfire, I'm just fine where I'm at, wherever the hell that actually is.

as usual, it's off the cuff and subject to editing later
so, my question here is...

Noting the background and not the boobs in the foreground (for this post, anyway), are the Lebonese big Mel Gibson fans? I have to wonder, is "The Passion" popular over there?

Not to downplay the the importance of what's going on, but it amuses me to see a quote, albeit a somewhat appropriate one, in a photo of primarily Muslim protestors from a movie starring a guy that is probably the most prominent evangelical Christian celebrity in America.

Next up is a pic of women in burkas with neclaces with nails on 'em and "WWJD" braclets, holding "Syria makes the baby Jesus cry" signs.

update: Okay, I know, it was a stupid joke to begin with, and it just got stupider. I had read even before posting this that there was a large percentage of Christians in Lebanon, but I hadn't realized just how large: according to Najiyah, Lebanon is about 48% Christian.

So, hey, maybe they are Mel Gibson fans. Go figure. She also points to a Spectator article that gives a bit of the spirit of the protestors in Lebanon, which is decidedly more libertine than expected.
a much-needed blogroll update
I finally got around to editing my blogroll, so look to your right and click your way to the best blogs I've run across in the past month or so. If there's a name on there you don't recognize, even better; sometime I'll link them individually (because, you know, a link from me is what every blogger really wants), there's a few good smaller blogs over there.

Now I'm going to blow off the rest of my homework and finish the CSS tutorial I'm working on.
he's no sinatra, but...
My cockatiel has taken to talking to himself. It's kindof cute.

Normally, Syd has three voices: a soft, constant "eep-eep-eep" that he makes when he's getting petted, and sometimes sounds like an espresso machine at work; the louder "where are you" or "what is that" whistle; and the ever-obnoxious constant screeching he makes when he's pissed off about something, like a featered car alarm right in my living room.

But now, he's added a new one, that's just a repetetive squeaking sort of noise. I like to think that it means he's happy, but usually it dosen't involve us doing anything. He's sitting on my shoulder right now, turning and circles and talking to himself even though I'm not really paying much attention to him at all.

Hopefully, that's a good thing and not like a death rattle or something. I'd be awfully cheesed off if he kicked over on my shoulder. Maybe he'll actually learn to talk a little bit soon. Not all cockatiels do, but he has always been talkative, and is still young, so maybe this is a sign that he's learning.
some stuff
I'm hoping to update my blogroll later tonite, so this is looking to be a link dump sort of day. Maybe that's for the best: no dissertations on books or anything, just bite sized links.

First, "An open letter to Dr. Laura - And a response." I don't know Dr. Laura from Eve, but the letter deals with something I've heard alot. The section of Leviticus that prohibits homosexuality has a bunch of other rules that are pretty silly: Don't eat shellfish, don't wear mixed-blend fabrics, that sort of thing. So, this letter goes through a bunch of those, asking for guidance in a snarky sort of way. Then this guy, who appears to be some sort of Jewish scholar, answers the questions, thoroughly and consistently. Just nice to see a weisenheimer put in his place.

Also, for all your politicking needs, the Index of Political Blogs. I have no idea how, but I managed to land on there. There's enough reading there to keep you occupied the rest of time, or until your head explodes from too much politics.

Finally, a milblogs link. I don't really write about Army stuff much here; I'm not much of a high-speed soldier type in alot of ways, and I'd usually rather write about music or books or something. I'm sure surfing in here on the milblogs ring has got to be a disappointment, but I still like to surf the ring sometimes. So, two things from the VFW NC network: a bit of prose titled "What is a Veteran?" and the history of the military order of the cootie.
quick music notes
Rockabilly: Much better than it sounds. I'm actually impressed with it, for certain occasions. If you get a chance, check out a live show some time, you'll get an interesting mix of John Deere hats and Doc Martens.

If you like goth or metal music but think so-called Goth "culture" is stupid and can't stand goth-types that take themselves too seriously, get yourself to a "Cult of the Psychic Fetus" show, or pick up a CD. These guys are great; the music is good and the image is Goth to the nth degree, a clever tongue-in-cheek parody that spends most of its time poking fun of its own genre.

I'm not expressing thoughts well tonight, so here's a professional opinion:
Their stage presence was amazing with a strobe light under the bass drum, green wash, candles, and nostferatu imagery. Offline I could and will likely go on and on about their music. But imagine titles of all your favourite b-movie flicks turned into music tracks with original dark flare. I would love to be the person tracking music to layer in film for transition moments of Tarantino or Lynchian irony because this Cult would be my first choice. The music is dark, dusty, musty, and gothy fun. Driving bass, dark Bauhaus tones, tongue in cheek new favourites: "Cannibal Girls", "In the Basement", "In the Shadows" and the title track: "She Devil".

It's lame, but the best word for both above is "Fun". More entertaining than artistic, and perhaps fun in a strange sort way, but thorougly enjoyable.
religion and frankenstein
Haven't posted for a few days, and here's why: all my writing time has been going into an essay titled "Religion and Science in Mary Shelly's Frankenstein". Which entailed, like, research, and stuff. And I couldn't use the f-word, which severly limits my creative potential.

I've had a Frankenstein themed life lately. I read the book, talked about it in class, then bought the newest F'nstein (as I've come to call it) movie, then the new Dean Koontz book (review coming), then the essay. Among a few other things...even named my test site "The Workshop of Filthy Creation", after a (appropriate) line from that book. I even realized that the two letter in my last name everyone is constantly screwing up are the same "ei" combination in "Frankenstein", spelled and pronounced the same. So from now on when someone screws it up, I can just say, "As in Frankenstein", like anybody will know what the hell I mean

Anywho, I can't imagine anybody else would be interested in it, but I posted the essay on my test blog, out of sheer vanity and to prove I'm not a total slacker (and, perhaps to prove my utter dorkiness). If, by chance, you have read the original Frankenstein, or care about what Mary Shelly is saying about religion in her book, or just enjoy obscure literary criticism, give it a shot. It runs about 1300 words worth. Keep in mind that the point of the essay isn't my views on religion and science, but what I think her views are.
more like dante
In case you haven't seen it, go read "On the Worker's Paradise" at bloodletting. A brutal look at an incredibly brutal world.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: why on earth are we taking out lunatic dictators six thousand miles away, and yet we let one inhabit our own backyard?

Oh, right, Bay of Pigs, the USSR. Er, wait a minute...

(Link via Bill)
gimmie that tune
Holy crap, I hate blogger's commenting style. By the fifteenth slow loadup, I don't care any more.

I downloaded napster yesterday...I tried the free services, specifically WinMX and Kazaa, and I had several problems with them, the largest being the amount of garbage piggybacked with every song. I don't want a song if it costs me fifteen adbots. WinMX, or rather the crap I downloaded off it, destroyed an OS for me. No thanx.

So, to a limited extent, I'm willing to pay for it. The funny thing about the new and improved Napster is the songlists...they have a hundred KMFDM songs, but not a single John Lennon. Eh? Never heard of John Lennon?!?

Also, they don't appear to carry Irish rock, like the Murphy's or Flogging Molly. Since that's the sort of musical mood I'm in, I don't think Napster is going to last too long. Like, say, past my 14 day free trial.
a new project
Usually, I sit around drunk and either post dumb shit on this blog or post even dumber shit on some of my other favorite blogs.

To spare myself this embarassment and in the spirit of personal blogging, instead of making an ass of myself on popular blogs my new project is to click the "next blog" link at the top of this page and leaving a comment on every current blog that blogger deigns to give me.

From past expereince, it should be interesting. If anybody else is reading this while bored, I encourage you to do the same. I would like to know the results of it as well, if you could pass it on to me.

There's alot of shit out there, but occasionally you find a mushroom.

Nevermind. It's all crap. I tried sifting thru the crap figuring I'd find a gem, but fifty pages later, no such luck. So much for power to the people; good God, is there alot of garbage out there. I mean, pages considerably worse than this one. Which is saying alot.

Screw that idea, go look at this instead. Not safe for work, but much more educational.
next bad p-shop candidate
Maybe it's just the way my head works, but again, what's the first thing that jumps into your mind when you hear this phrase:
From the suburbs to our national forests, savage criminal alien gangs are infiltrating America and luring young recruits.

Tell me that isn't a rich mental image.
give me the stupid little golden man statue, or i will shoot you in the face.

That pic comes from the online Hoover archives, which, since it's a government outfit, means I don't have to feel bad about hotlinking it. I hate being bothered with loading up geocities and going through the ten minutes it takes to put images online. My tax dollars pay for that bandwidth, dammit!

Ace says, "All of Hollywood is scared of Clint Eastwood." I say, as well they should be. Scorcese may be a brilliant director, blah blah blah, but what are the chances he'll show up at your house Monday morning packing a peacemaker and a magnum?

Eastwood is like a minor deity here in the geek empire. I have an autographed picture of him on my wall, right next to the autographed "Dawn of the Dead" case. The theme from "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" is one of the ringers on my phone. My girlfriend seems to think I may have some sort of crush on him. In order to squelch that suspicion, I think I need to post more pictures of him on this blog. I have not, however, seen "Million Dollar Baby". Maybe someday, but it dosen't really sound like my thing.

I'm coming to discover that I love the Academy Awards. Not that I watched the actual show, mind you. Some of us have to work for a living, after all, even on a Sunday. Besides that, putting evidence behind Chris Rock's theory, the only straight man I know that watched the show is so far left he's like "honorary gay" (you know, like the French), and he only watched it because all his lesbian friends were watching it. I'm sure that there are perfectly manly men out there that watch the awards somewhere. I'm just saying that they are probably watching it hoping for a good lay afterward.

But the controversy and insults generated from this one event are priceless. Chris Rock. Who decided that would be a good idea? We're going to put Chris Rock on stage, but tell him not to say anything obscene. That's like telling Salma Hayek not to say anything stupid: physically impossible.

As to his making fun of Bush: get over yourselves already. He's a comedian, and, love Bush or hate Bush, there's an awful lot of material there. Yes, the numbers are wrong and it's a dumb way of looking at it, but in case you didn't notice, he also called Mikey Moore fat and John Kerry a gigilo. (I include the PW link here because somehow, I don't think Goldstein is in all that much of a fit of CITIZEN JOURNALIST RAGE over this, so he's dosen't need to get overhimself just yet).

Besides that, the other jokes I've read were pretty funny, despite the muzzle.

See also: Hubris, from whence the link above came (and who needs to be on my, and your, blogroll); Ilyka, from whence the Hubris link came; the Llamabutchers, who add, "CHE ES MUERTO, MADRE-ORGLER"; and their links to Kathy the Cake eater.

Kathy gets into another fun part of the post-awards: snarking on the stupid shit that passes for clothes among the beautiful people. (Actually, she makes fun of pretty much the whole thing, but I needed a segue. Work with me here, people.) I don't know dick about high fashion or what who is wearing, and I couldn't name a famous designer if my life depended on it. But people who follow that kind of stuff can take the superficial cruelty of it to whole new levels. Superficial cruelty is, of course, one of my favorite pasttimes. I wish I could remember every one I've seen, but for a magnum opus check out the girls at fug. (via IMAO) Just start at that post and keep scrolling.

Maybe next year, I will watch it. What a circus. I feel like I'm missing out on the freakshow of the year. They can make fun of Bush all they want, because when it comes to shit to make fun of, old George can't hold a candle to these morons.


howdy, thanks for stopping by. what you're looking at is the intermittent ramblings of an iraqi vet, college student, goth-poseur, comic book reading, cheesy horror loving, punk listening, right-leaning, tech-obsessed, poorly typing, proudly self-proclaimed geek. occasionally, probably due to these odd combinations, i like to think i have some interesting things to say; this is where they wind up.

"I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound and stab us...We need the books that affect us deeply, like the death of someone we loved more than ourselves, like being banished into forests far from everyone, like a suicide. A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside of us.

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professor chaos
professor shade
the protocols of the yuppies of zion
protein wisdom
the queen of all evil
seven inches of sense
shinobi, who is a f'n numbers ninja, yo
tall dark and mathteriouth
the nose on your face
the thearapist
this is class warfare
texas best grok
tim worstall
way off bass

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