rotting in prison
marwan barghouti convicted of murder

good news, another dirtbag behind bars. my favorite bits:

Barghouti, who flashed V-signs with shackled hands as he entered the courtroom, reiterated that he does not accept the court's authority

He said before the verdict that Barghouti would not appeal because he doesn't recognize the court.

time to start accepting, they have the authority to put you in prison for a very long time (like, say, 5 consecutive life sentances.)

Barghouti says he is a political figure and not involved in violence,

where "politics" is defined as killing civilians, as long as they're jewish or between him and a jew, and "violence" is building a fence to keep people like this out of the country.

and my personal favorite,
he believes there will be peace if Israel withdraws from the West Bank and Gaza.

in other words, there will be peace as soon as you leave, or, peace can only be achieved when we don't have anybody to try to kill anymore.

and finally, i was going to compile a list of copperhead fedayeen quotes, but got halfway and realized i would just be posting almost the entire article. but take special note that the term "terrorist" is used nowhere (even though i thought that was what we called people that blow up cars in public areas); the article talks about retailation no in at least 5 paragraphs, especially mentioning capturing isrealis as barganing chips twice; the quotes from and description of the terrorist are all very complementary, from noting his fresh haircut to the final quote that gives the impression of a martyred hero rather than justice being done...there's a few more things, but you get the idea.


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