this guy really, really pisses me off
found at house of payne, whom i neglected to mention in my earlier post.

some jagoff jarhead washout is now out there pulling a john kerry, talking about the horrendous war crimes he saw or heard of while in iraq. read the stories, because i'm telling ya, this guy is either a liar or a moron, or both, along with being a coward who apparently liked to talk tough but couldn't do the real job of a marine when it came down to it.

guess what, asshole. war is a rough business to be in. people get killed, hurt, maimed, burned, all sorts of shit. you don't think you can do it, don't effing sign up. we had people like this with me..."ohhhh i don't know if i can shoot somebody"...when you raise your right hand it is understood that some day you may have to do some pretty nasty things. i don't care if you are the hardest of the hard in the ranger corps or some remf pencil pusher, you are, first and foremost, a weapon.

one of my favorite "war crime" stories is one that he relates here, it's sortof an urban legend, and actually could be true, unlike very, very many of them. the story is soldiers (and i use soldiers to mean all branches) running a checkpoint when a car comes speeding at it, the soldiers fire warning shots over the car, then, when it still dosen't stop, they fire into the car and kill the occupants. now if someone can explain to me in some way what possible altruistic motivations the people in the car could have, which is the only way that this is even remotely a mistake, then i will eat my freaking boot leather. i can only think of one reason why someone would drive their car at a high rate of speed through a hail of bullets toward an american checkpoint, and it ain't to deliver fucking girl scout cookies.

is it a shame when someone without evil intent dies in such a scenario? yes. you have to wonder where the hell their heads are at, but it's still a shame. does an american soldier enjoy doing such things? no. only a fucking psycho would enjoy doing something like that, and the only psycho i see is the one with the "medical discharge"

is it a war crime? hell, no. like so many other things, it ain't pretty, but it's the only way to do business.

and as an interesting side note, the first time i read that story was in an underground iraqi newspaper, that the "insurgents" were using to try to drum up local support in the murdering of americans.

nothing like being judged by the company you keep, eh asshole?


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