explain to me again...
why castro is still alive?
i mean, why haven't we gotten rid of this little third world dictatorship yet?  i know that there are dozens of countries like this around the world, but why the hell do we suffer one in our own backyard?  it's not like we have to worry about the u.s.s.r. coming to their rescue, another bay of pigs is not happening.  for the most part, we have managed to keep this sort of virulent assholism out of the americas.  a country from which people risk their lives daily to try to get to america.  a country that oppresses it's people under a cruel regime.  in the middle east and asia, we have to worry about overall regional effects.  what is our excuse here?  it would take little or no military effort to rescue cuba.  anyone that tries to make the argument that castro has just as much a right to rule as anyone else is obviously wacky, there is no doubt anywhere that castro and his government are a throwback that need to be removed.
there is obviously at least some popular support in the country to get rid of him, and judging by what i have seen and heard it is not uncommon among people not afraid to speak their minds (no small proposition there).  so why is this dinosaur still in power?  he's what, four thousand years old? why do we tolerate this midevil cruelty, right outside our own border?
arg.  i just don't understand.
steve says it better than i.
the link above is from a cuban american.  read it again, and then explain to me why this is still happening.



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