a tale of two city papers
continuing on from my last post sunday night, i got a kick out of comparing the trib's coverage of tehrayazah's "shove it" comment to that of the post-gazette, two days after the event.

the (rightie) trib, to whose editorial editor the remark was directed, today not only had one front-page story about how the incident is pushing her into the spotlight, but a second front-page story about wtae keeping the tape exclusive and not allowing it to be aired by rival networks in pittsburgh. they also had an editorial cartoon about it, the letters section was all over it and had pictures accompanying, and the "quote of the day" was the full sentance from the "unamerican" speech.

the (leftie) post-gazette, on the other hand, did not do a story on it. they didn't do one yesterday, either. i thought that they were simply going to put their fingers in their ears and pretend the whole thing never happened, until i found it: in a front-page kerry-cheerleading piece, they actually did report what happened. sortof.  they very briefly refrence it toward the start of the piece, then finally expand at the very end, after the jump.  the rest and majority of the story is the usual kerry fellating nonsense, about just how really super spiffy and brady-esqe his family and edwards's family are.  the best part?  the subtitle of the piece, and the title used after the jump: "wife, stepchildren softening kerry's image." they even have the stones to use a pic of her "listening to a question" from mcnickle, during a "spirited exchange", according to the caption. needless to say, there is no mention of the substance of the exchange there.

i don't think the whole thing is all that huge of a deal, just fun. i mean, it's not like she walked out of the national records office with keyword classified documents or anything. but it does make for good quality entertainment, watching 'em squirm.


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