day 3
i honestly have no idea how allah does this, he's the live-blog king. but i'm going to give it a shot, and actually leave this window open for thoughts during the speeches tonight.

unfortunatly, right now, someone named "sarah evans" is on...okay, could we get some variety in the music? i know he's from texas and all, but i didn't learn to like country music in the military, it ain't gonna happen now.

wow, it just got worse. and watching republican deligates dance has to be one of the funniest things i've ever seen.

zell miller-great opening, "my family is more important than my party", or somesuch. :: "what has happened to my party?" with a rundown of dem war presidents (which modern dems love to rely on when accused weak on defense) :: ooh, he's even doing a bit of a reagan tribute. :: awesome, lots of great military lines, and a slam on the protestors. :: good, he's talking about kerry's record on defense, the weapon systems cuts. heh, he sounds like sean hannity. well, the mainstream media can't really ignore that anymore, although i'm sure they'll try :: this man is angry. on the attack, and he is fuckin ferocious ::

wow, is all i can say. go get the archive of that video if you haven't seen it, that guy just blew this place away.

i feel bad for lynne, having to follow that.

lynne cheney- they just rolled right from miller to her, it was like hitting a mud puddle on a bicycle, although not her fault :: heh, she just said, "let me offa this stage!", said some good wifey stuff, made a few jokes, let the audience catch their breath. dick better be ready to come out on stage and announce that he's actually the second coming of jesus christ if the wants to beat miller.

dick cheney - trying to slow the energy down some, a few of the less lame jokes i've seen this week :: eh, he's doing allright, doing the talking points, and rather eloquently, but he knows what speech everybody is going to be talking about tommorow ::

hm. so much for that little experiment, i have to go. that sux, but if you somehow landed here during the convention, go check captain's quarters and allah, i just hit there and they're saying most of the same stuff and doing it much better than i anyway.



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