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Free Will has been on a roll lately, and has up several things I wanted to link to:

First, an object lesson on why we live in America, not Canada:
The auditor general has sounded the alarm about mechanical difficulties with Canadian military equipment, noting for example that Canadian mechanics had to borrow batteries from Spanish troops to keep CF-18 jets in the air during the conflict in Kosovo.

In 1996, thousands of soldiers were sent on dangerous peacekeeping missions in Somalia and Bosnia with 30-year-old armoured personnel carriers that the auditor general said were "deficient" and vulnerable to anti-tank mines.

And [in 2002], when Canadian soldiers were deployed to Afghanistan, they had to hitch a ride on American transport planes because no Canadian aircraft could carry their equipment.
And that's just part of it, read the whole thing, as well as several later postings on the same subject; Aaron's all over this story.

Second, the best U2 remix I think i've ever heard. As I said during the debate, Bono and Bush get along, right?

And third, a friendly reminder on why you don't screw with us MP's:
"I saw the guy take a pistol out of his pants about 10 feet away. I ducked and charged, and he shot me in the head,'' Bailey said.
Then Bailey, an Army MP just back from Afghanistan, proceeds to beat the living crap out of a few losers that tried to get the jump on him at a donut shop. After being shot in the head, hit with the gun, etc, etc.


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