kerry/specter: nobody knows which side we're on
my question is, the Trib seems to present this story that someone was trying to help Specter get elected by putting his name on signs with Kerry. Somehow, I doubt that's the case:
Those "Kerry & Specter for Working Families" signs that began popping up in eastern Pennsylvania last week were not disingenuous attempts by the senator to link himself with Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, the Democrat presidential nominee.

Actually, it was a disingenuous attempt by Republican political consultant Roger Stone to link Specter to Kerry. Stone's former business partner is a guy named Craig Snyder.


You'd think a four-term incumbent ahead in the polls wouldn't need to resort to such tactics.

Unless this article is written to be tongue-in-cheek, I'm pretty sure the trib got it wrong: Specter, the RINO we all love to hate, is facing a challenge from Constituion party candidate and certified right-wing nutjob Jim Clymer, who is running campagin ads pointing out that Specter has voted with Kerry on many occasions.

I'm guessing that, much like the rest of Clymer's campaign, this is a poorly orchestrated misfire from Specter's right. I want Specter out as bad as anybody, I was a Toomey supporter, but it's a shame that this Amish-country hillbilly is too busy making an ass of himself, and draggin his ideological cousins along with him, to make a point. I think Specter can be outed, but screaming about God on the airwaves like the loony on the streetcorner with the sandwichboard is not exactly the way to bring in the moderate votes.

Jim Clymer, doofus.



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