talking points
1. technical problems already. looks like c-span is down, so i'll be listening on the radio again...allah's sitting this one out, but the llamas are all over it.

2. "the senator has his facts wrong" edwards just brought out the old chestnut about no ties between iraq and al queda, and accused cheney of linking saddam to 9/11, and dick promply shot him down

3. cheney: "freedom is the best antidote for terror". then he went and started talking about a country no swing voters have ever heard of.

4. edwards just said he wants to have honesty when speaking to leaders of "other worlds".

good on 'em.

edwards keeps talking about all the great stuff kerry has said. not what he's actually done, mind you, what he's said.

oop dick agrees with me: "your rhetoric would be alot more impressive if there were facts to back it up

i think blogger's about to crash on me. great timing.

5. edwards is starting to fumble his words, and cheney has the look of the title character from "jaws"

he's having a hard time arguing with

ooh this is one of my pet peeves, edwards is bitching about not funding the troops, when he voted AGAINST it. bush let kerry slide on this one, and cheney didnt' say much to it either, although he did a bit earlier.

cheney's all over him: "how are you going to get europe to send troops to the wrong war, in the wrong place, at the wrong time?"

6. kerry's estimates of ninty percent of troop deaths american just bit edwards on the ass, hard: they weren't counting iraqi troops. cheney thinks its wrong to "demean" them like that. got 'em hard.

7. vodkapundit is also on this one, and he is right: this is moving just too fast to do point-by-point. however, so far, while edwards is still pretty, cheney is actually debating. vp also has a roundup of livebloggers (i just may toss my name in the hat)

8. HALLIBURTON! i was praying edwards would bring halliburton up, cheney should rip him apart on this one.

9. unfortunately, he didn't answer too well. he seemed thrown off at first, then threw out a website address, then simply said it's not true. it's not true and there's alot there to back him up, but he's going to have to do better than simply saying so and letting it drop.

10. hm...i should start timestamping this. halliburton again, cheney needs to say something worthwhile or don't say anything about it at all. heheh he just called edwards "sen. gone", from his hometown paper. 2145

11. does getting rid of saddam help lessen palestinian suicide bombs? cheney seems to think so. hell, they aren't even answering questions, they're just attacking each other on past votes.


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