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Everyone seems to be getting a bit hyper about the potential religious implications of the last election. Here's a clue, people: the day that we have anything vaugely resembling a theocracy in this country is the day I get in line beside all the left wing nutters to fight the government. Hell, ending theocracies is a big part of the reason I voted for Bush. I know Bush is a religious person. Guess what? Every President we've ever had at least pretended to be a good Christian, even if they were banging interns in the back room they were still in church on Sunday. I know some of Bush's people have some wacky ideas, but no one is going to ban birth control. No one cares who or what you have sex with. Nobody cares what God, if any, you choose to pray to.

Got that? NOBODY CARES. Nobody is taking anything away from you. Do what you like and shut up about how repressed you are allready.

Now, to my friends on the religious right, I have pretty much the same sentiment. I think your religion is great, now leave everybody else alone about it. I am constantly arguing with my lib friends that the hardline fundamentalist religious folks are but a vocal minority in my party. Don't make a liar out of me. Yay, Bush won, and big. Use the word "mandate" if you like, but don't assume it's because we all think he's God's gift to mankind. Don't try to push this anti-gay thing too hard, and for the love of all that's holy don't email self-proclaimed Athiests trying to convert them. You know those anti-war hippie goofballs we were all laughing at a few months ago? The ones trying to force their weirdo ideologies down everybody else's throat? Do you know what you sound like now? Pot. Kettle. Etcetera.

I voted for Bush for two things: lower taxes and dead terrorists. Polls about "Moral values" are stupid; I think many, probably a majority of red-staters voted for him for the same reason. So please, could we just let the hyperventilating stop allready? This is not the United States of Jesus, it is not going to be, even if a few people want it to be and even more people want to pretend it is so that they can bitch about it.

UPDATE: Thanks to Ilyka and Twisted Spinster for the links, my traffic has practically doubled in the past two days. I'm glad somebody finds this rant amusing. Oh, and I'll be waiting on the phone call from the Jackass Design t-shirt store.


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