die young, stay pretty
Anybody know who the hell DeDee Pfeiffer is? Me either.

"Falling Down" came in the mail from netflix today. Neither of us remember adding it to the queue, but we got it in the mail so someone must have at some point. I probably did it drunk, although I have no idea why. Anywho, there's a scene where the crazy-man shoots up a burger joint, and I'm sitting staring at the burger girl thinking to myself..."why don't the girls at MY Mcdonald's look like that?" And secondarily, "I've seen that girl somewhere before." Turns out, she played the old daughter on Cybil Shepard's show, cleverly titled "Cybil", which I have an embarrasing affection for. Yes, I thought Cybil was funny, dosen't mean anything.

So, as I usual, when I can't remember where I've seen an actor or actress, I google up their name after the credits roll. As I'm paging through various fanboy sites and "official" sites...she had a kid a while ago...blah blah blah...I'm really starting to like this somewhat inconsequential actress, looking for a real bio, she even did a meatloaf video a few years ago.

Then, in the imdb bio, it says she's Michele Pfeiffer's sister. Huh? Michele Pfeiffer has been around forever. She's like my grandma. I check out Dedee's age (and god what a friggin name), she was born in '64. That makes her old enough to be my parent in some communities.

Which means she was rapidly approaching thirty in the movie I just watched, and was farther along in the Cybil show. In the movie, she dosen't look more than 17, and I always figured her to be mid to late twenties on the teevee. Granted, thirties isn't that old, but in the realm of stardom (especially, if I may sound like a pig for a moment, female stardom) 35 is practically ancient. But that's one actress that is doing well. She dosen't look like one of those "I'm desperate to stay young" hags with too much plastic surgery, she just looks pretty. She could be a sister to Tara Reid, without the nasty boob job.

I don't understand why she hasn't gotten better parts. She has at least (I'm far from a student of her films, so I don't know how well she acts, but she isn't totally ridiculous at least) the minimal amount of talent required, and is certainly better looking than many mainstream actresses.

Eh, maybe someday I'll start a petition. At least until she pisses me off, which is bound to happen eventually.

Oh, and someday I'll add links to this nonsense.


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