merry christmas, for real this time
nothing says Happy Holidays like time and a half, baby. Working Christmas has other perks as well, the largest being that there is nobody around to bug me or keep an eye on me. I can do pretty much whatever I please, and I have a whole office building to do it in. Have you ever gone full-contact bicycle riding through an office building? Cubicle walls are sturdier than they look, and there's some wicked turns, but it beats some silly mountain any day.

Last night, I walked the building singing Christmas carols at the top of my lungs. The problem is that I don't actually know the words to any of those songs, so it usually went "Siiiiilent night...siiiiilent night....something something...Hark! Harold the Angel sings!...something something....King!"

I'm still debating the idea of keying into the CEO's office and masturbating on his chair.

The down side of not having anybody around or anything going on is that I am fucking BORED. Even the blogs aren't quite doing it tonight, as most normal people are with their families or sliding around the interstate instead of where they should be, at their computers entertaining me. There's still some stuff out there, though:

Ace might have the record, with five posts up so far today, including a holiday greeting to absolutely everyone.

Steve has the run down of his festivities from yesterday, but I think the holiday has finally gotten to his shrunken heart. At the end of the post he gets all touchy-feely hope and love on us, but he has a very nice sentiment behind it.

Sadie and the gang formerly known as the Mirthful Ones are now on moo-noo, because eventually seemingly every blogger I like winds up there. New design, some technical difficulties, and some holiday Tarantino. Smart, observant, and I have it on good authority that Sadie is a world-class piece of ass, so go say hello allready.

Val has a touching story up for your Christmas cheer, as well.

If you're really bored, as I am, go read through the top quotes of 2004 according to Tim Blair. Some funny, some thought provoking, and guaranteed to waste some serious time.

If you finish that and are still looking for something to do, go decorate a tree. Sure, it's mind-numbingly stupid, but still. (via C&S NSFW) (and yes, I actually sat and played with this thing for probably a good half hour).

Tim Worstall links to a great story by Tony Woodleif on the difficulties of getting ahold of decent toy firearms these days, and from there I read through his arguments on Libertarianism. Maybe someday I'll respond to them, when I feel smart enough.

As my Christmas present to my faithful reader(s), I'm actually going to link to a picture of me on the web. This was taken at the Hardware Bar in Harrisburg by people that take pictures of people there and keep a gallery online, presumably to show what a fun place it is. I'm not sure if this photo is going to help that goal, but I'm the guy in black in the middle. I'm not sure why I get the urge to do that "Rock and Roll" thing every time somebody wants to take my picture when I'm drunk, but at least my brother, in the red, is at least as much of a dork as I am. The blonde second in from the right is my girlfriend, and the other folks are cousins and friends that will probably be angry with me for posting this if they ever find out about it.

Hope your Christmas went well, and everyone gets a nice break over the next week. Me, I'm going to go home and hit up the leftover booze.



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