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Once again, I'm way behind. Lotsa stuff I wanted to talk about over the past week, not enough time to punch it into the keyboard. Let's see how much I can remember:

Somewhat local news but important none the less, ex-Steeler football hall of famer Lynn Swann is considering a run at the PA governorship. As a Republican. As the party of "diversity" screamed bloody murder, Swann endorsed Bush for re-election this past cycle. I hope like hell he runs...I can't speak for the eastern end of the state, but here in Pittsburgh football is not a hobby, it's the mandated religion. People would vote for a Steeler legend just on general principle, the fact that he's a GOPer in this currently blue state is just that much better.

Somewhere on this blog I have a lengthy diatrabe on gay marriage, but in short form I'm with Joe R. the Unabrewer:
Let's just get the government out of the damned marriage business for both gay and straight couples. You wanna split your property or designate someone to terminate your life support, draw up a contract.
See, as far as I'm concerned, the religious/moral aspect of marriage ended as soon as the state started issuing "Marriage Licenses". You want to get married in a church? Great. There better be both a penis and a vagina involved. You want to get married by a judge? All genitalia are equal before the all-powerful GOVERNMENT. I don't care what cultural/religious/traditional argument you have, the government plays no part in any of that and never should. And as long as the government is issuing marriage licenses, any two people that want to enter into that primarily legal contract have the right to do so.

Random thought: Blogging is a funny thing...some people you just assume are superstars with way too much else going on in blogging superstar land to be bothered with us blatherers, but those superstars so often turn out to be rather nice, normal people. Go figure.

Jeff at Beautiful Atrocities has an offer for Maureen Dowd. I'm sure there's a joke in the fact that the only guy willing to take one for the team for MoDo prefers the "stronger" sex, but I'm not going there. If you aren't reading Beautiful Atrocities regularly, then you're obviously wasting too much time on crap blogs like mine. Go, allready.

Lesse, what else. Oh yeah, the weekly shut the fuck up allready award. Look, I went North and was damned glad to have ammunition. Uparmor hmmwvee's? Are you fuckin kidding me? We didn't have plates in our vests. What we really wanted was our Sincgars, so we could at least talk to each other. We got issued a few broke-down uparmors when we went to Dogwood, because it was part of the Fallujah madness. And hey, they mostly sucked. Another team bought some diamond plate off the locals and welded it onto their truck, which was great except their truck could hardly fuckin move afterward. You want uparmored trucks? How 'bout this. Kiss my finely chisled ass. Vote Republican, because these things don't grow on fucking trees and no dem will vote to spend for them. Then kiss my ass again, shut up and do the fucking job you signed on for. You're part of the most well-equipped army on the planet, and you're bitching because your trucks don't have enough armor? I am willing to lay odds that this is some paperwork company that won't be outside the gate again after they get to where they're going, and if they are going on missions outside then god bless their commanders. Things aren't perfect. Soldiers bitch. Get over it and do what you get payed to do, allready, and quit fucking whining about it. Don't like it? Never should've raised that right hand. The tough shit rule is in effect.

I have yet more ranting on this subject, but in the interim check out Citizen Smash's letter to an unfortunatly misguided Marine. He'll learn, l.t., one way or another. And remind me at some point to put Smash on my blogroll, that guy's good.

Ditto to Iowahawk. So many people I keep reading but forget to add to the regular list.

there was alot more, but this post has been sitting in my draft box for days now. If I think of whatever else was supposed to be here, it'll get put in.

The voting is closed on the weblog awards, and by my calculation I go around 52 votes. That's way more than I had ever figured on, so thanks a ton to the people that actually read this blog and had the energy to vote for yours truly. It simply amazes me that anyone reads this nonsense, and I really appreciate anyone who took the time to click the button for me.

Okay, next up is some personal notes, because I haven't yet decided if this is a personal or political blog: My mom is doing well. She's still in the hoss-spittle, but is doing PT and coming along remarkably well. I have probably said this before, but she is presently at where we expected her to be several weeks from now. Can't ask for more than that. The funny part is, she dosen't really seem to understand how bad off she was at one point. A few weeks ago, she was dead. Period. Now, she's working on walking again. Helluva progress.

My boss is still pissed at me. I am presently serving time in the gulag known as Wal-mart...more on this to come, hopefully.

I may have mentioned that my computer exploded a while ago...I am presently typing on a Toshiba Portege witha fucked up screen. But all that is soon to change. Further gloating is also soon to come.

College...well, it's finals week. Pretty much depends on whether my prof's decide to take mercy on my shitty semester or not. But I've spent every waking moment that I wasn't at the hellhole known as Wal-Mart working on passing my classes, so hopefully that means something to someone.

Also, I have a Christmas tree. Who knows where the hell that came from, but it's sitting in my living room, with lights and tinsel and ornaments. Almost like a normal Christmas tree. Go figure.


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