I'm a day late, but this is too important to miss.

Iran is today's Soviet Union. Just as we fought many wars in relatively minor countries during the cold war, today we are fighting wars of one variety or another in a dozen relatively minor middle eastern countries. Just as they were all part of the larger war against Soviet-style communisim and the USSR, these are all wars against Islamist theocracy and it's heart in Iran.

And, as with the USSR, America can bring them down without ever having to face the horrendous consequences of a war with that major power. A huge factor in this war is the courageous people within Iran's borders that are willing to speak out against their dictatorial government.

I'm no blog triumphalist, but technology is playing a very important role in this war. The spreading of what life is like outside Iran and communication from dissenters to a wider audience is greatly facilitated by the internet and Iranian bloggers. Of course, the government isn't exactly thrilled by these people, and responds by throwing them in jail.

I prefer not to imagine what the insides of an Iranian jail look like.

So, I missed Free Mojtaba and Arash Day. Tommorow, I'll be doing more research and trying to spread the idea. But I encorage everyone, no matter what your political leanings, to help out. I don't expect that the Iranian government will let these people go anytime soon, but do what you can. A letter to my local fishwrapper is coming, because popular American understanding, and support, also helps the resistance inside Iran.

And really, I'd be hard pressed to think of anything more important out there right now than fighting the Mullahs in Iran.

Link curtosey of Babalu Blog, who is dedicated to ridding the planet of another piece of garbage.


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