I take Pittsburgh's suck ass parkway thru the tunnels into work every day, and about once every two weeks somebody decides to drive their car into the tunnel retaining wall, which makes me late. Not alot, five or ten minutes, and I always call to let work know what's going on. To me, this falls into the "Shit happens" category.

Last summer, I built up a lot of these few minutes late days. I know it sucks for the person I'm relieving, but I show up early alot too, to try and make up for it.

But because of that, I built up a reputation. It dosen't matter how often I'm a half hour early; if I am thirty seconds late or even early just under the wire it goes into my record and I'm suddenly the guy that's always late.

Since I started school, it's become alot easier to be on time. No parkway; just skate across town and I'm there. I'm still a few minutes late here and there, but very rarely and never seriously.

So to the point, which I should've put up top. Thursday afternoon, I was going to be late. I left early for school and didn't take my uniform, so I called in and told them that I'd be a half hour late because I had to run home.

I drive back into work, and my boss tells me I'm no longer welcome there. Actually, she dosen't even have the fucking gonads to tell me that; she tells me that I'm suspended and may be terminated. I'm being punished for excessive tardiness.

In the past six months, I've been late 3 times, all under five minutes. This was the first time in that period I have been seriously late. I called in to let them know what was going on. Again, I think shit happens. Apparently my boss disagrees; we're all suppossed to be perfect.

I called my boss's boss to schedule a meeting, as I had been asked, and I learn that my ex-boss has decided she dosen't want me on her site anymore. The person that I had thought was playing on my side has turned out to be the one out to fuck me all along; the company still wants me, the site dosen't.

I don't have the space to fully explain why, but that's a real pisser. That hurts.

I worked for that site for four months before I had to go to the desert, then another year and some change after I got back. With proper management, I was by far one of the best employees that stupid department had ever seen.

But somewhere along the line, they decided that being a bit late was a superior concern to actually being able to do what the fuck an employee is supossed to do. Saying that I am among the best ever through there isn't bragging; think of the typical security guards you've seen.

Not a tough standard to beat.

I did my job as I was expected, and I did it well. I did everything that I was told to do, and more. Aside from mild tardiness, my boss could never come up with anything I was doing wrong. Toward the end, she started citing "Lack of motivation", but couldn't think of any situation where I had exhibited a lack of motivation. She just felt that I wasn't performing well. No reason why, just didn't feel that I was performing up to standard.

I have no idea how to help her feelings. When told something to change or improve upon, I did it. But I can't change her "feelings".

So, after years of service and dedication, for which I had been promoted and asked to the fill important positions, my reward is being dismissed for letting them know I would be a few minutes late. Not even fired to my face, but pushed out and advised of my termination later, by a proxy.

I'm told that there is another, lower paying, less desirable position opening up soon. Hmm. Excuse me if I don't just jump all over that shit.

So, I'm tring to view this as an opportunity. Honestly, I was pretty much over that job already; alot of things were pissing me off about it, not the least of which being my drama queen boss. She gives females in managment postions a bad name.

I'm trying to find something else. I have to work up a few resumes; one for security, one for computer soft and one for computer hard, but I think I can do okay. Unfortuantly, the bills were drowning me before and will only get worse in this period of unemployment, but I'll do the best I can.

It'll all work out in the end, and maybe for the better; if I can find a tech job then it will be a big step up for me. Nobody wants to hire someone that hasn't even completed an associate's yet, but I'm working on it.

But holy shit, what a pain in the ass I didn't need. I was comfortable with that job I hated; now I have to find a new job to hate, and figure out how to pay bills in the interim, and do that while keeping my grades up at school.

On the upside, now I can say all the bad things about my ex-boss I want, and they can't do anything about it; they already fired me and will probably give me a bad referance. There's a lot of material there, coming soon.

Writing's good, life's not so much. That's about the usual.


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