bodybuilders are hot
Don't get it. A poll for the ladies: while you're sitting around the house, watching soaps and scarfing Ben and Jerry's, fantisizing about the man of your dreams, does he look like this:

Okay, congrats to him. Really, he has a compelling story: first officially recognized Mr. Afganistan. So good for him.

But still, I don't get it. Is that the height of the male form? I'm asking the women here, because I don't terribly give a shit what the men think. (Side note: gyms are big-time hangouts for gay guys. I don't know why that shocks so many straight men. It's true: that guy watching you in the mirror isn't just impressed with your squat weight.)

And granted, waking up next to that guy is certainly better than this guy:

I don't know. I don't get it. Bodybuilders of both genders just gross me out. But, to me, it makes sense for a hardcore female bodybuilder to less generally appealing; men prefer curves and, not to be read into too deeply, a bit of softness in a woman. (This is, of course, all massive generlization.) Men are suppossed to be strong and hard, and that guy certainly epitomizes strength. I'm sure he could bench press my Toyota if he felt the desire.

Maybe it is, as with many things, about that happy middle ground. Everybody prefers varying degrees of a certain quality in a mate; be it physical strength, emotional dependance, mental prowess, whatever. But the vast majority are turned off by extremes: Extremely physically refined or extremelly unrefined, completely emotionally dependant or completely cold.

That is, of course, assuming that every chick reading this blog isn't saying to herself, "I reached for my vibrator the moment I saw that picture." I think he's goofy looking, but then, I'm not attracted to men. So for those in the audience that are, what's the verdict?

Christ, I'm turing this blog into "Hot or Not?". Nevermind, don't bother responding, I'm going to go kill myself now.


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