god bless the us of a and, by extension, hooters.

From Red State Rant:
BUXOM barmaids in Bavaria could be forced to cover up if a "loony" EU directive comes into force over levels of sun exposure, it emerged today.

They want their bar maids to cover up their boobs. Allow me to explain why this is bad for everyone involved:

Guys like boobs. This one's pretty obvious, but crucial.

Some girls have boobs. Some of those that do, don't mind flopping them around in front of guys while they bring them their watered-down domestic beers, if it means extra money. Generally speaking, they feel subjugated, objectified, and occasionally extremely offended, but they're making money off the deal, so what the hell.

The guy that owns said swill-house is making more money. Their swill-house has an extra added feature that others don't: not quite seeing boobs without a cover charge.

This, friends and neighbors, is the basis of capitalism: scantily clad women of loose morals willing to not-quite parade their gifts for men who are willing to pay to not-quite see them. Some of these people make alot of money; others lose all their money and wind up bums on the street asking twenty-something girls to lift their shirts.

That's what freedom is all about: freedom to waste your money, or your youth, or your decency (on both ends).

Well, maybe not really. I do think it's a damn stupid regulation; if men are willing to pay money to simply look at a girl's boobs...I won't say what's the harm, because I know there certainly is the potential there, but if anything it's indirect and within the control of the people, not the government.

There's a serious point in here. Honest. I wasn't just looking for an excuse to google pictures of Hooters girls faking doggy style (More of which can be found here, by the way.)

But the serious point seems to be somewhere else, so I'll just leave it at this: Don't let the government come between you and your boobies.


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