tilting at windmills
A post about the hypocracy of fat, drunken, filthy rich, rapidly aging political hacks. No, I'm not talking about Limbaugh here, this one's for old Teddy.

It's an argument so old, I don't even remember when I first heard of it, but I still love reading about it: hardcore environmentalist and the original limosine lib (after his driving privliges were revoked), Ted Kennedy dosen't want to save the planet if it will fuck up the skyline from his beachfront mansion.

Goldberg scores some good points in this article, which is very much to his credit as this issue is older than the moss in Michael Moore's undies. The pros and cons have been gone over a million times, we all know what's going on here, and yet I loved this line:
let's be honest, it's not a huge sacrifice. If Teddy really thinks his fat — or, if you prefer, "phat" — crib on the beach will be ruined by the prospect of having to look at some windmills 5-13 miles offshore, he can swap pads with me.
Okay, forgive the white-boy ghetto phrasing early on. I just want to suggest that if Ted thinks looking at windmills from his palace is so horrid, he can have my place.

My apartment makes Abu Garib look like the Hilton. I've got screaming babies nextdoor at all hours of the night, a gorgeous view of the apartment building beside me (Identical to my own), air conditioners that haven't worked since the Carter adminstration and a heating system that is even worse, hallways that stink constantly of sandals and curry thanks to the fifteen Indian families that live two apartments down, and a nasty letter on my door any time I'm a few days late with my generously inflated rent.

And I consider this place a bit of a luxory. It's nice. A bit aging, but clean, decent neighborhood, fairly well maintained, etcetera. Beats the hell out of everyplace else I've lived in my adult life, that's for sure. But hey, if Ted is so annoyed by the windmills he can barely see on a clear day from his ocanfront veranda, then he's more than welcome to come here.

Sacrifices of the wealthy, and all that. Just watch out for the guy in 13, he's a bit hinky and he dosen't like rich white people.


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