A question occured to me while writing the previous post, but I didn't want to interject out of context: who is harder on the "Moderate" wing of their party? Or, who has a greater tolerance for dissention amongst the ranks of their base? I don't really mean among the party hacks and politicos and talking heads; for them, any misstep is equal to treason. I mean, among people, and around the blogosphere?

I've seen alot of leftie bloggers castigated by the primary powers for getting out of line on a single issue. And I've seen alot of rightie bloggers make that same step, but the reaction seems...less angry? Maybe it's just the media I focus my attention on, but it seems that the leftosphere has no room for, say, a pro-life democrat, or someone who supports the war but agrees on all other points. Whereas among the rightie blogs, there is constant debate on the "South Park Conservative" vs. Traditional conservatives. That debate has gone around a hundred times, and is sure to come around again, but the fact that many of the major players on both sides of the argument are still popular bloggers among conservative readers speaks to...what? Tolerance? Laziness?

Ace is far from a traditional conservative. He dosen't talk about it much, but he is cautiously pro-choice. Goldstien and INDCent Bill both disagree with the party line on occasion, but I can think of only one instance of PW being seriously castigated for it, the infamous hundred percenter debacle, and the guy calling for fire and brimstone was pretty roundly criticised for it. All three of them, among other similar bloggers, are at the top of the charts.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see alot of that on the left. Again, maybe I'm just not paying enough attention to the leftosphere, but it seems every time a lefty blogger steps out of line he gets smacked, hard, by the big bloggers and majority of readers.

Am I off on this?


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