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I know big bloggers are constantly annoyed by people pooping all over their comments, but I love it when I get 'em. Every once in a great while, I get a sensible argument in my comments, which I usually acknowledge and appreciate. But most of them are...well, stupid. Not even arguments, really, just rants.

I have long held that stupid people are put on this planet for my own personal amusement, and blog comments are evidence of that theory. Every time somebody calls me a name, it makes me giggle. When some poor schmuck goes on for a half hour explaining to me exacly why I'm wrong, generally making little sense and often not even addressing the point at hand, I have to read it several times for pure entertainment factor.

I know I shouldn't spend my time "fisking" stupid comments, but hey, what the hell, I'm having fun:

Your an idiot...
I accept that premise, but I want the comment to stand, for the amusement of those of us that completed High School English.

Louisiana is too poor of a state as is the city of New Orleans... to try and think that the Mayor could have handled this problem on his own is ridiculous. Oh and lets just say they did spend all that time and money to evacuate people on the busses and then the levies don't break? Money of an already incredibly poor state just pissed away. The green makes the world go round and thats the end of the story.

Okay, that would be the meat (tofu?) of the argument. I'm not really sure where this guy's coming from, but I want to point out that I prefaced the post as such: "As I've said, I'm not following too closely to the various scandals around Katrina. I know some of the School-bus stuff, but not enough to pass judgement." From there, I went on to say that the assertion that they couldn't get anybody to drive people away in school busses is rather silly. School busses, friends and neighbors, are not terribly complicated pieces of equipment. The guy that drove me to Jr. High and back every day couldn't remember his own name without some help, but he seemed to manage okay. Note that I'm not arguing the plusses or minuses of evacuating the city. Apparently, though, the Mayor and the Governor both think it would have been a good idea, they claim they just lacked personnel capable of handling an oversized minivian, which, again, strikes me as somewhat silly, which was the point of the post.

For those in the audience that are not paying attention, such as the commentor above, please note that I did not assert that "the mayor could have handled this on his own". I do think that if the Mayor's best excuse is that they couldn't find anybody with a driver's license to help evacuate the city, then he should start looking for another job. The "Bus drivers weren't hanging around in the hurricane" argument is dumb, dumb, dumb. This guy seemed to manage okay, and from my understanding, he dosen't have a graduate's degree in bus management.

As for Louisiana being a poor state, yes, you're right. However, the poorest of American states is wealthy compared to an awful lot of countries out there. I'd say that calling them "Too Poor" is incorrect, but I'm not sure what they are suppossed to be too poor to accomplish, since there wasn't actually an argument in there to anything I wrote. Too poor to magically invent a transporter that will beam all the water out of New Orleans and all the people to Houston? Yes, you're probably right. But too poor to find a few people in a crowd of thousands that can negotiate highways with a school bus?

Somehow, I fail to see the connection. But thanks for visiting, and feel free to respond at any time.


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