props to the huffpo
I haven't read a whole lot from the Huffpo, and I've tried. Every time I bring up that page, it's just nonsense from nobodys, which I can find anywhere. I want more Chopra posts. I liked his book on Merlin.

But I have to give serious props to Ariana for continuing to allow Greg Gutfield to write there. I'm pissed I never got around to listening to him on Ace's radio show, that guy is freaking good. And brutal. As a public figure, she deserves a pretty fair amount of respect for allowing him to keep using up her bandwith. As a token conservative, he's no Bill Safire. The guy is not only harsh, he's harsh with the blog he's writing on.

My favorites from his latest, an entry exam for joining the Huffpo:

-Can you work the phrase "tipping point" into a sentence, without actually
reading the book, "The Tipping Point," or even understanding what this
tipping point thing is? Can you pretend to know something without knowing

-Do you believe that no one can voice support of the IRAQ war UNLESS they are willing to serve in it?
-YET when it came to the flood, you readily assumed an expertise in crisis management within hours of the disaster?...

-do you see "looting" as a function of poverty?
- brought on by Bush's policies?
-do you think you and a looter might get along over a beer?
-as you both agree over the point you just made about poverty?
-do you press charges after he stabs you?...

Do you assume all poor people loot when faced with crisis?
-Even though most, if not all, poor people hate looters?
-Even though most, if not all, poor people HATE YOU MORE- for excusing looters?...

-Do you think conservatives are stiff, humorless and mean?
-have you ever sat through a Tim Robbins play?...

-Do you hate authority?
-until you need a cop?
-do you try to have an opinion, even when you really have none?
-do you think googling replaces thinking?
-do you favor high drama over slow progress?
-do you like it when authority figures are "shown up?"
-do you cry for authority figures when you're "helpless?"

There's lots more. Two or three of those are post ideas I could expand upon. The whole thing is great.


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